About Designs by Staci Lynn

This is a business hobby of mine where I make floral arrangements from silk & dried flowers. Each piece is a personal creation made specifically for you. In this business I create:

– Pre-Made Pieces
– Custom Orders
– Occasion Arrangements
– Event Decorations
– Weddings

I have worked with both fresh and silk flowers and enjoy using both. However, fresh flowers definitely have an aspect and feel to them that silk will never portray, but in my business I am not able to currently work with fresh flowers so everything I create is with silks and dried naturals. I hope someday I can add fresh flowers to my business though.

In my creations I always make arrangements look as real or natural as possible, in this way silks seem to become more real. Likewise, I use stems that appear real so they have all the features of live plants. Therefore, unless the stems are touched you may never know they are silk.